Clients Comments:

“Mark has everything one wants in an architect. Brilliant design ideas, an ear for listening to what the client wants and needs, recommendation for several top-notch builders with whom he works closely, 100% follow-through and an infectious enthusiasm.” J.J. and D.W.

“Mark is committed to his work, fair in his charges, and determined to see that his projects are completed to his clients’ satisfaction.” D.P. and K.S.P.

“We achieved the most wonderful result. We love our house, noticing daily the different aspects of the artistic spaces you created for us. It brings us happiness and joy to live here.” C.L. and R. K.

“Mark Parry’s visionary ideas for designing our dream house were truly a work of art. Mark has tremendous ability to not only incorporate our vision into a design but to also be very conscious of airflow and circulatory paths within the plans. We were delighted with Mark’s thoughts and ideas and felt we were getting the utmost attention all through the process.” J.C. and B.P.

“I especially appreciate your ability to express your opinion about what seemed best to you, and explain design elements, without making us feel like we disagree. This allowed me to learn and create in the project. Your honesty, integrity, humility, and energy give you a professionalism that lets ideas flow freely in both directions.” G.S., MD and S.P.S.

“We were very pleased with the friendly and professional services Mark offered, as well as his insights into our present and future needs. Every detail was designed to best meet our family’s needs and budget.” K.C.

“We are extremely blessed to have found you to guide us through the entire process of renovating our 100-year-old home. The project wouldn’t have gotten off the blocks without your wise counsel. Your architecture capabilities are second only to your interpersonal skills. Your ability to make the project draw a couple together as opposed to the anticipated result of increasing the burden of stress on a marriage is a true Godsend.” C.S. and N.S.

“When I look at our plans I know this is my house. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with you. You facilitated our own ideas and that became the genesis of the design….We appreciate that you took us through the process and assisted us in finding our direction. That is invaluable.” J.B.

“Considering that our previous home design was an existing urban floor plan we were anxious to experience a melding of the remodeled segment and newly designed addition. We are very impressed with the end result. The home design takes into account the guide lines of a planned community’s covenant and at the same time affords a visual individualistic intention. We have been informed on numerous occasions that one cannot tell where the original portion of the house ends and the new addition begins or how well the new and old blend and merge together.” M.D. and C.D.

“Your demeanor in working with children and young adults is excellent making your opinion clearly understood so they themselves can arrive at their own conclusions. “ M.D. and C.D.

“Your ideas were fresh and exciting, and your enthusiasm was infectious! You gave us more ideas in one hour than we could have ever imagined possible.” R.N.J.

“After our first few conversations with Mark, I knew that his vision was going to transform this house into a home that I could truly enjoy and in which I would feel ‘at home.’ He listened to us, asked questions, had us make lists and immediately began envisioning and describing changes that would change our tract house into a very personal, custom home, complete with all the light, airy space, views and unique details that I had longed for, but never could have imagined possible. And all this on a fairly tight budget.” S.D.

“My family and friends have all remarked on the tremendous difference between before and after. The most common remark is that the house doesn’t ‘look’ remodeled, but rather it seems like a new house. It feels comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, a true pleasure for me and my family.” S.D.

“We had determined to expand our Salon into an adjacent suite, wishing to maintain a consistent design character. Mark listened to our desires and responded to our specific needs. He created a space that flows seamlessly from the original design while also enhancing it. Mark assisted us in expediting the permit process and reviewed the construction process. We are entirely pleased with the end result and the service of IDEA Studios.” D.F. and J. L.

“..I was in the early stages of planning a major rehabilitation of my home in San Francisco. I was looking for a firm that could preserve the Edwardian design while at the same time completely renovate the building inside and out….Mark’s prior experience, innovative ideas, attention to detail, and customer orientation distinguished him from others… Mr. Parry has provided thorough design services, acted as our advocate in the selection of a builder, and guided us through a very complex San Francisco building permit process.” J.B.

“Our building has been a pleasure to work in and we still get compliments from our clients almost every each day about the beauty of the clinic. The thing that pleases me most is that there are no major things I would have done differently at this point which tells me we had a great plan and a great architect.” S.B., DVM

“Our existing kitchen, while adequately sized, was not work efficient and the dining room was cramped. We wanted to improve lighting and traffic patterns, and with Mark’s direction these goals were surpassed by creating a more beautiful surrounding for our living space. …To our great satisfaction, the completed project was above our expectations. Mark’s abilities were a large part of the project’s success.” J.M. and K.M.

“We very much appreciated the creative, enthusiastic and professional way in which you helped us find the perfect solutions to the inherent design problems with our home. Your steady stream of ideas combined with your ability to listen to our concerns and desires made the problem solving and planning sessions enjoyable as well as productive.” R.L. and A.L.

“Your high level of technical ability was aptly illustrated by the quick planning department approval of the plans you designed, developed and drew up for us. We appreciated this as well as the timeliness of your work every step of the way and your on site visits before, during and after construction.” R.L. and A.L.

“Mark kept our visions in mind during the whole design process, often coming up with fairly simple ideas that ended up making a world of difference in the end. We wanted light and airy and he gave it to us! Whether it was the glass door at the end of a long hallway that invites the eye outward, or the full length windows facing out to the back yard that make us feel like we’re in the garden while sitting at the dining room table. Our 50’s rancher is now a contemporary abode with a wonderful sense of flow and openness. We appreciate that Mark was able to take our vague ideas, mesh them with his know-how and come up with a remarkable solution.” K.R. and W.D.

“I am writing to tell you how much we are enjoying the beautiful house you designed for us…We believe that one of its outstanding features is how it makes use of the location on our hilltop. No one can see in and you made sure that we could see out on all sides to enjoy the magnificent views….Well, I could go on indefinitely, but we are very pleased with how well it suits us and fits our needs. It was such a pleasure to work with you Mark, as this home was created.” H.R. and E.R.