Mark Parry, Architect, is the Director of Design for Idea Studios.

Mark believes that the architect’s principal role is to be a catalyst and a lens. As a catalyst he generates enthusiasm that creates a positive environment for all contributors to the design and it’s construction. As a lens he focuses on the design goals and how to make them attainable within the detailed and exacting constraints of the design and construction process. By focusing the talents of a skilled team and facilitating clear communications, the design is translated into a reality expressive of the patron’s needs and desires.

As well as being a designer, the architect must facilitate communication of the design. The process from concept to construction requires the coordination of a myriad of technical details. Like a composer, the architect communicates with a skilled team of experts in their fields, interpreting, directing and responding. Each member of the team brings to the building their particular skills, talents, and insights. By facilitating effective communications and thoughtfully incorporating elements that contribute to the design goals, the architect is able to bring forth a creation that exceeds the sum of its parts.

This is the purpose of the architect as artisan: The development of a functional, patron-responsive work that transcends mere construction. It is in the shared design and construction process that building can be transformed into true architecture, a timeless thing of beauty.