Idea Studios provides standard architectural services but has also developed a hybrid design-build process. The Studio acts as a direct agent of the owner in all cases.

We believe there is an inherent conflict of interest in a single company providing both design and construction services. The best results occur where there are the natural checks and balances between designer and builder. The traditional role of architect as agent of the owner, independent of the builder, safeguards the client during the construction process.

In this hybrid design-build process Idea Studios works independently for the client but in close communication and collaboration with a pre-qualified contractor throughout design and construction.

The preferred builder works as an expert consultant on methods, means, systems and construction costs throughout the shared design and drawing development process. Initial involvement by the builder insures that appropriate methods of construction are incorporated early into the design, saving costly redesigns. Both architect and builder benefit from the other’s extensive talents and experience as the design is developed. Idea Studios has found that this approach to architectural design and construction can be the most effective way to control design and construction costs.

The contract with the builder is, in effect, negotiated during the design process, finalized at permitting, and executed through the construction process.

All projects require some in-field resolution of details; the design-build process limits the drawing of extra details that can be more effectively resolved by the architect and contractor working together during the actual construction.

See our process for further information on how Idea Studios works.