Mark’s Perspective

I work best as a catalyst and lens. Design ideas and enthusiasm begin to flow by involvement with the client; I then help focus the ideas into a realistic, tangible product that directly reflects a clear understanding of their goals and desires.

The input of others in a shared creative process is a delight to me. The process with owner, architect and builder can be synergistic, amplifying energies and abilities through shared enthusiasm. This brings creativity and problem solving to it's highest level.

I enjoy working with other stakeholders, building officials, consultants, or contractors who contribute but do not dictate. Design solutions that live and breathe, construction techniques that are cost effective and simply elegant, come from the shared development of ideas by those that impact, determine and execute them.

Architecture by fiat is not my way. A highly effective team is built on talent, skill and ability released in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. In this way things are accomplished so the whole becomes greater than the some of its parts.

I do not appreciate mandated nonsense. Occasionally an architect is called to keep the parties involved from insisting on things that may be later regretted or unjustified. Sometimes one must take the lead.

My greatest strength is my faith, faith that all things will work together as they should.