Ideas on Green Building and the Environment,

As a former intern of the Frank Lloyd Wright foundation and Student of Architecture at Arizona State University, Mark Parry’s commitment to “Organic Architecture”, “Solar Design”, now termed “Green Building” is deep and long standing.

Frank Lloyd Wright all but invented the field of environmentally sensitive design. He drew most of his inspiration from the natural environment and translated it into architectural form. ASU is one of the principal repositories of eco-friendly design and has been for decades.

Mark believes that eco-friendly, green building is simply responsible design. A responsible, aware, conscientious architect will, and should, use all means, technologies, and consciousness at his or her disposal to create the most sensitive and environmentally appropriate design. Nevertheless, the primary driving force for alternative technologies and materials remains the client. It is for the patron that the work is commissioned and of necessity reflects their values and priorities.

The challenge for the architect is to bring into balance the objectives of a design with a sensitivity to environmental issues, budget, current technologies, and implications for the future. Ultimately the prioritization of these issues resides with the client.

Any structure built by man on the earth should honor and respect the creation. Man should contribute to this earth something worthy of his effort and earn a place that reflects his respect for the creation and the creator.